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Complete Madness were formed in 1994 out of a band called ‘Beat The System’ which itself was born in 1989 with original member Mark Keegan who Is still fronting Complete Madness today after his partner  Derek Wood retiring in 2021. below are 2 links of Complete Madness as "beat the sytem" please feel free to click and watch Complete madness in the early days.

Mark was always into the original Punk and Ska scene while Derek was more of an old School Rock person, so finding a happy medium of music was always difficult but in 1990 they decided to settle on the New Wave type of stuff featuring bands such as The Clash, Alarm, U2, Nick Lowe, Big Country and Flock of Seagulls to name a few.

In 1992 they added a few Madness songs to their set such as Night boat to Cairo and Baggy Trousers. The band started doing showcases and signed to an agency and with their growing popularity began to add more Madness and Specials songs to the set.

In 1994 with the ever changing set becoming more Ska influenced they decided to change the name of the band from ‘Beat The System’ to ‘Complete Madness’. As well a name change they also added Saxophonist and Pianist player Chris Halford to the line up and then in 1998 Keyboard/Organist Chris Collier also joined the band. It was at this point the band really began to become the band that it is today.

It was around this time the bands popularity really began to grow and they made the decision to quit their day jobs and go professional.

Complete Madness have performed in venues around the world including Army Bases both home and abroad, Butlins family and adult breaks, ferries and small cruises, Festivals: including the Cork Jazz Festival between 1996 and 2005 winning rave reviews and many other interesting and varying venues around the world.

Complete Madness also perform Theatre shows and have played over 60 theatres over the last few years (A big thanks to Sweeney Entertainments).

Complete Madness are now in their 25th year and each year go from strength to strength, adding new songs to the set such as a Ska version of Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’ and Paulo Nutini’s ska hit ’10 by 10′

Below is list of people who have helped shape Complete Madness over the years and make them one the most sort after Tribute Bands in the UK today.


Steve Cliffe -  Bass Guitar

Chris Jackson -  Drums

Chris Halford - Sax

Andy McGowen -  Sax

Dave Dennette -  Drums

William Forrester - Sax

Neil Foster -  Bass Guitar

Jeff Thompson -  Drums

Wayne Richardson - Drums

Steve Allen -  Guitar

Kevin Wilson -  Driver/sound and lighting

Geoff Clarke - Driver/sound and lighting

Jamie Buckley -  Sound/Lighting/Guitar

Daniel Johnson- Sax

Thomas Regan- Sax

Chris Collier- Keyboards 

David Potter - Keyboards

Derek Wood - Guitar

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