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Mark is not just the lead vocalist for Complete Madness EXPERIENCE but also one of the founding members and partners of Complete Madness.

He didn’t show much interest in music at school, but shortly after leaving school he realised it was all he wanted to do. However, vocals were not his first choice and he decided to go out and buy himself a guitar and started having lessons. Shortly after he put together a punk band playing music by bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols. When he started Beat the System with Derek Wood he began as the guitarist, but when the lead singer decided to leave Mark was given the opportunity to show his talents as a singer and front man. With no real vocal training to speak of the first few years as lead vocalist were not the easiest, often losing his voice. So he decided to seek out vocal training in the form of opera singer Peter Firmani. He had 25 lessons in total and says it is the best money he has ever spent, “Learning how to breath properly whilst belting out 25 songs a night makes a hell of a difference”

Mark has performed as the lead vocalist and front man with Complete Madness for the last 25 years.




Kevin is the newest member of Complete Madness EXPERIENCE. Although he has only been playing the saxophone for nine years, he has recently graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Popular Music and has already made an impression on the professional music scene. He has previously played around the country with some of the UK’s biggest tribute bands; playing the music of UB40 and Prince, as well as session recording work. As such, he is a very versatile player with a wide-range of musical experience however; his chosen musical genre is SKA and Reggae. Kevin combines all of this experience to help him bring the music of Madness alive and you’ll hear him blasting some of Madness’s most memorable sax lines with enthusiasm and style! He may be the newest member of Complete Madness EXPERIENCE, but he’s a true nutty boy at heart.





Colin began his music career during the era of New Wave with Liverpool band VHF before moving to Germany to join the pop/rock band Twelve Drummers Drumming. After a few successful and meteoric years they were caused to disband prematurely due to health problems, and so Colin moved back to Liverpool in 1986 where he joined The Merseybeats. He has also played for The Bay City Rollers and was Denny Laine’s (ex Wings & Moody Blues) keyboard player. The artists that Colin has worked with have collectively spent over 1000 weeks on the UK singles charts! Colin now lives in Linthwaite (near Huddersfield) - whose entire population now seems to have joined Complete Madness.

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